My natural prozac

I can’t tell you how happy I am to live so close to the forest. The forest is my happy-pill. My therapist. My natural prozac.

When feeling grumpy, negative, depressed, sad or just plain old bored: if I’m smart I will make myself go for a walk in the forest. Honestly, it helps every time.

Not that I return hopping, skipping and full of happiness and joy every time, but at least feeling a lot better than when I started.  It helps to get some fresh air, to clear the head, let the thoughts flow, and for me at least: to admire the beauty of nature.

My favorite time to go walking in the woods is just before the sun sets. I sometimes walk in awe of how beautiful everything is. Obviously not possible to catch all of this in photos, but still I try to capture some of it.

Here are some pictures from my last walk. Hope you like them! ❤


Beautiful scenery and family meet-up in the UK

Last Thursday I flew to the UK. My boyfriend Chris, who is English, picked me up at Luton Airport after yet another delayed flight. I think 5 out of 6 of my resent flights have been delayed! A tad annoying if you ask me!

We got on the road and headed for Kidlington where we had booked a room via Air BnB for the night. After searching through TripAdvisor to find a restaurant that was open late, we finally found a small Indian place on the high street. I have never had a bad Indian meal in the UK, so the stakes were not very high. We ended up having a nice enough meal and some beers for cheap, so we were happy!

We arrived late to our accommodation, so we were straight to bed and fast asleep.

The next day we spent shopping at Bicester Outlet Village (not pronounced Bi-cester, as us Norwegians would say, but Bister!). It is an actual village. A village of shops with pretty high end brands like Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger and friends. We did get some bargains, but I couldn’t go shopping in the UK without a visit to Primark, so we hunted down a department in Oxford. Happy shoppers! 🙂

Next stop was the house Chris’s family had rented for the weekend. It was located in a gorgeous area close to Broadway. It was like a scene taken from a proper British tv-show. It was full of old beautiful stone houses and surrounded by green fields as far as the eye could see.


On Saturday I took a walk through the village and took some photos.




We had a wonderful weekend with Chris’s family. We were almost 50 people, and many of us had come from all around the world. A big bunch came all the way from Australia! It was great meeting all of Chris’s family on his fathers side. All nice and lovely people.

It took some organising to arrange food and drinks for 50 people for a whole weekend, but they managed exceptionally well, and we had lots of wine and delicious food all weekend long. Even topped it all off with a glass of prosecco just before we left on Sunday afternoon! Cheers!

Now back in Denmark, but only for a few days. Next stop – Norway! This weekend we are going to a cabin in the mountains with my family. All fun and games this summer!