The year of 2016 (part II)


In July me and Chris travelled to the UK for a big family get together. We stayed a few days in the amazing countryside where we camped and enjoyed some great times with the Risbeys!

We also spent time with my family. Later in the month we went to the Norwegian mountains, and spend a weekend in a cabin to celebrate my mums 60th birthday. It was just amazing with perfect weather, happy family members and good food and wine!


In August we had pretty good weather, and continued to enjoy our new local area. Took the train to Køge, went to the beach. Had lots of BBQ’s on our patio. Went for runs and walks in the forrest. Drank wine and enjoyed the sun as much as we could.


Finally it was time for a proper holiday! Chris and me were invited to Spain with Pia, to stay in her mums house in Villajoyosa. I longed for this holiday with all my heart and body, and it turned out to be the perfect trip.

We lived right on the beach, and the town was so charming and nice. The weather was great, and we couldn’t have asked for anything better. We even rented a car so we could go down south to visit Chris’s dad! Nice food, lots of beer & wine, long days on the beach, nights with chatting and Yatzi 🙂


After our holiday I went back to Norway for some time back at the office, and to catch up with family and friends.

It was also the month of my 32nd birthday! Chris had planned a whole weekend for me. We had a night in Copenhagen, and a night in a cosy cottage on the coast. I am one lucky girl!


This month we finally made it to Bergen to visit my good friend Hege and her lovely family. We had such a great weekend! Me and Chris hiked to the top of Bergens biggest mountain; Ulriken. We all had a day in Bergen walking around, played with the kids, had a great BBQ in the garden, enjoyed some home cooked dinners and drank some wine! I hope we can go back again very soon.



October also gave us a great cabin trip to the mountains. We were invited with my brother and his girlfriend to go to Rauland for a weekend. Its quite a long drive up there, and the roads are extremely winding. Driving up in the dark is not to recommend – especially not for an amateur driver like my self!
But, getting up there it was worth it. A cosy fireplace, red wine, good food and board games. And on saturday we had a great hike. I really really like walking in the mountains. It has become one of my favourite things to do.


Also celebrated my oldest nephews 18th birthday in October, with a great day out in Oslo. Isn’t it weird how everyone grows up, but you stay exactly the same young age???? 🙂


November got kicked off properly with the annual Christmas-party with work! If it is one thing that is great about working at Lillelam, it is that we have the best “julebord” ever (as we call it in Norway). They have each year since I started been truly been amazing.

This year our super-team of amazing girls came to Copenhagen! We enjoyed some proper amazing food experiences, shopping, drinks, a guided tour around Louisiana. (If you ever come to CPH I can really recommend a trip to Louisiana – Museum of modern art. It is a 30 min train ride away, and is such a wonderful place with an incredible location. So even if you are not an artsy-fartsy person, it is still worth a visit. Including their awesome giftshop! 🙂 )

The highlight of the two-day session was definitely our dinner at Clou. Clou is a gourmet Michelin star restaurant in the centre of Copenhagen. I must admit I am not the biggest fan of gourmet food….I think most things are gross and weird..haha. But, the whole experience of that dinner was just… incredible! Even if I didn’t like all of the food 🙂 But our 7 course meal (which turned out to be more like 12) including wine was fantastic. Just fan-freakin-tastic.

PS: I also have to mention that me and my colleage Janicke got our selves a proper laugh when we managed to experience a “real” Thai massage in something that couldn’t have been anything else than a brothel!!

In the end of November we were in for another treat! Our friends Anette & Henrik came over from Oslo, and joined us in Copenhagen for a weekend! We rented a cool apartment on AirBnb, and had a great time together. We did ALOT of waking around, had quite a few drinks, ate some nice food (including finding the BEST pizza in Copenhagen! I kid you not!) and even went to Tivoli in the dark and freezing cold! We wormed up on some gløgg and Irish coffee, so it was worth it 🙂


One of the nicest months of the year – counting down till Christmas! I spent most of this in Norway, and one of the highlights except for Christmas, was the Christmas party with the best girls in the world – The Fetsund girls!
Thats the girls I have grown up with, and even though we dont see each other very often, we try to get together all of us at least once a year. Everyone wasn’t able to join, but the ones that did had a great time that night. Love you girls! ❤


Then of course there was lots of Christmas shopping, baking, and other preparations. And then there was Xmas! We spent a lovely Christmas Eve at my brothers house with all the family. It was great! Then there were lots of other family dinners and social get togethers, as well as a lot of lounging around in my new PJ’s eating Xmas cookies and watching movies. I got the whole week off work, and enjoyed every minute.

Then….. the year of 2016 ended with a cosy night with our friends Anette & Henrik at Anettes parents house. We had some seriously awesome food, and a few drinks. We got a spectacular show of fire works to send us in to 2017.

And that my friends, was the quick summary of my experiences of 2016. Looking back at this, I have to admit it was a pretty good year with lots of great memories made. 

I have lots of hopes for this new year, and lots of new years resolutions. But back to that in another post!


Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

The year of 2016 (part I)

Like all other top bloggers, I’d like to sum of the year of 2016 in a post! 🙂 Its great looking back and realise that lots of things actually happened in 2016.  Its so easy to forget stuff!! And easy to forget to be grateful for all the good things you experience.

How to write a summary of 2016? I just look through all my photos on my Iphone, maybe a look through Facebook, and then my memory starts working…


The new year started with one of the worst hang overs of the year..haha. Meaning I had a pretty good new years eve! Me and Chris hosted a small party at my dads house (where we lived at the time) with a proper turkey dinner, lots of wine and drinks, games, a fire pit, sparkles and fireworks, sing star, river dancing, chatting and lots of fun.

January gave us lots of snow, and I had to do my fair share of snow shoveling for the first time ever. Chris moved to Copenhagen, and my dad returned from sailing in the Caribbean. I did lots of running on my dads treadmill and was pretty serious about exercise. Also attempted the 5:2 diet for a few weeks…. not so successful…


In February I had a fantastic meeting with my boss. I went in to the meeting to give notice due to moving to Denmark, but left with keeping my job and given the opportunity to work remotely. What luck!

I went to Copenhagen to visit Chris, and to see where we were going to live! We had a great weekend exploring and enjoying some time together after been separated for a while. Including a night at The Bella Sky Hotell (with an upgraded room!), and Valentines Day with dinner, drinks and a movie.



In March I enjoyed alot of time outdoors in the woods where I lived. I tried to appreciate the nature more, and take a time out from the world (including my phone). I cut down on tv-time and spent more time listening to music and writing/drawing.

I had a crazy trip on the “Danskebåten” / (cruiseboat to Denmark) with my friend Pia, we celebrated my fantastic mum’s 60th birthday and I made my very first cake from scratch!

I also had a big transformation with my hair! It went from very long and straight, to very short, blonder and with curls! I needed a change before moving, and I was very happy with the result!


In April we celebrated my little sisters big 18th birthday with a day out in Oslo! Finally aloud to drink alkohol publicly – yippeee!


As usual my brother, my father and my self did the Sentrumsløpet, a 10k run in Oslo that takes place in april every year. It was a great day, and to my own surprise I made a new personal record this year! I was sooo proud and pleased! After the run a group of friends went out for dinner and celebrated.



Now it was time for the big move!
But first I enjoyed some great times with friends. Dinner and drinks with a few in Lillestrøm, a trip to the Opera with Pia, and a “dance-party” with my dads band. Lots of fun memories to take with me down to Denmark.

In the middle of May Chris came to collect me with the big van! I had all my stuffed packed up, and was ready to go. I felt excited and happy for a new chapter in my life. A new country to live in, and whole new lifestyle!  This was also when this little blog baby was born! I nervously posted my first post to Facebook on the 28th of May, and started vlogging. You can see my very first video here 🙂


June went by trying to settle into my new home. It was all new and unknown territory, but luckily the sun was shining, and we enjoyed lots of time outside on our new patio, exploring the beaches around, and the town of Køge.  It was strange to work from home, but I enjoyed the freedom it gave me.

In the end of June I travelled to Paris! A birthday present to my sister from our dad, and my brother and me was lucky enough to travel along. We had an amazing time there, and you can check out my vlog from the trip here. Lots of wine, good food, walking (alot), tattoos (!), and sightseeing.



I think that is more than enough for one post!

To be continued………..