Vlog #12 – Tivoli gardens!

Hey peeps!

Long time, no blog! I’ve not been writing for a while, and thats because I’ve finally been on holiday! Yippee!! I’ll tell you all about that later, but first…

Here is my latest vlog!

Follow me on a day out in Tivoli in Copenhagen! If you never been, it is definitely worth a visit. Such a cosy theme park to walk around in. Loads of rides, bars, restaurants, kiosk (with both cotton candy AND beer!), and its also very green and pretty.



By the way, did you see my previous episode??
Watch me try some yoga-moves, and come with me to the beach! 🙂



This week I have been back in Norway, and my VideoWednesday got abit delayed!

I have had a great time and I will tell you all about it later on.

Meanwhile, here is episode #4 of Living life danishly on YouTube. If you want, please subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE 🙂


Cosy Køge

The other day I went to Køge. It was a lovely sunny day, and I wanted to have a proper look around the town. I brought the camera with me and took some photos.

Køge is only a short train ride away, and public transport in Denmark is pretty cheap.


It would have been even cheaper if I could manage to get hold of a ‘Rejsekort’ (like the Oyster card in London), but that turned out to be more difficult than I thought. You can easily buy a Rejsekort online – perfect I thought! BUT, you can’t just order and pay with a normal Visa card… oh nooo.. You need the dansih Dankort for that! And to get a Dankort….well, that’s a whole different story. So, surely there must be places to buy this Rejsekort? Well, I would have to go all the way in to Copenhagen for that. So, I ended up paying double price for my ticket. But, that was still pretty cheap, so I didn’t complain 🙂


Just next to the center of Køge there is a green area with a creek running through it.It is really lovely and got lots of trees and flowers everywhere.On the other side of the creek there are private houses, and many of them have their own boats. Wow, posh people in Køge.


The best part of Køge are the cosy cobblestone streets, the cute little shops, and the big square in the middle. The whole “square-thing” reminds me so much of southern Europe. Whenever we were in Spain, France or Italy – the fixed sentence was always:

Lets site in the square and have a ______________!
(fill in suitable: coffee, beer, drink, cake, snog etc)

We always managed to find a cosy square to sit in and enjoy the world passing by.

cobble1cobble2 (2)cobble3

Here are some more snapshots of Køge on a sunny day.



So, after only experiencing Køge a few times, I am really really liking this place. Its just big enough to have everything I need, and small enough to feel safe and familiar. So if someone could just buy us an apartment in the center of Køge, that would make my day!


New country, new chapter, new blog!

So, there you go… I live in my 4th country. This time it is Denmark! As you may have guessed with the title of my blog.  Norway, Spain and England are the three others. Norway being my home country.


I have been in Denmark for 10 days now, and starting to get settled in. I live in a small village about 10 min south of Køge. Køge is about 30 min south of Copenhagen. I am out in the country side, and surrounded by fields and forrest. Growing up at a farm, I feel  pretty much at home.Its nice and quiet, and not a single shop in sight… hmmm..not sure how much I like that though. The nearest “shop” is a petrol station about 2 km away.. the nearest proper shop is more like 3,5 km away. BUT, there is a train station just a few minuets walk from me, and tomorrow I am testing it out!
I am going to Køge!countryside

Køge is a really nice town on the west coast of Sjælland with about 35 000 inhabitants. I’ve only been there a few times, but I like what I have seen so far. Its got everything you need! A few grocery stores, a few coffe shops, some restaurants and a cinema. Its got quite a few shops, including my favouritt Vero Moda (what more do you need?). There is a small river going through a part of the town which is nice, and there is a big square where you can sit and have a beer or coffee and look at the world passing by…

I will take some photos on my trip tomorrow, and show you later!

Today I have been working, and during my lunch break I did my 30 min of Yoga which is something I’m trying to do a few times a week! (I am no Yoga Guru!! I simply use an app on my phone and try to follow as best I can) I have kissed my boyfriend goodbye (he left for the UK this morning), and I have been out for a walk taking some photos. Chris was kind enough to leave me his camera so I had something to play with! It is a Canon 500D for those who are interested. I have absolutely no idea about photography, but I would like to learn. I want to start taking some cool photos for this blog for example.


The sun has finally come out, so I think I will go for a run in the woods. There are some great tracks just around the corner. Definitely one of the perks of living in the countryside.