My natural prozac

I can’t tell you how happy I am to live so close to the forest. The forest is my happy-pill. My therapist. My natural prozac.

When feeling grumpy, negative, depressed, sad or just plain old bored: if I’m smart I will make myself go for a walk in the forest. Honestly, it helps every time.

Not that I return hopping, skipping and full of happiness and joy every time, but at least feeling a lot better than when I started.  It helps to get some fresh air, to clear the head, let the thoughts flow, and for me at least: to admire the beauty of nature.

My favorite time to go walking in the woods is just before the sun sets. I sometimes walk in awe of how beautiful everything is. Obviously not possible to catch all of this in photos, but still I try to capture some of it.

Here are some pictures from my last walk. Hope you like them! ❤


Fall in the forest

I think  actually fall is my favorite season.

And when I say fall I of course mean those days that are nice, not too wet, not too cold and not too gray 🙂 Definitely not those days that are dark and depressive, with rain or snow falling from an endless sky.

But, those nice, dry and cold days, when the nature is full of beautiful colored leaves, and the air is crisp and fresh. Those days I love.

I have had some great walks and runs in the forest this fall, both in Norway and in Denmark. I like being in the forest. I like the quiet and the peacefulness. I like that most of the time I see no other people. All I can hear is maybe some animals. And just nature it self.


If I am in a bad mood, there is nothing like a walk or run in the woods. It gives me fresh air, and time to think and breathe and sort through my mind. I always come back feeling a little bit better. Its like an anti depressive from nature.

And that is definitely one good reason to stay here in the countryside. I am constantly contemplating whether we should move to the city or not. And the forest that is 2 min away weighs heavily as a reason to stay right where we are.


I actually grew up in a house that is more or less in the woods. On a farm out in the country side with the most gorgeous views. I lived there for 15 years in my life, and never once appreciated it. How crazy is that.

Now I love the forest and being out in nature. I guess its called growing up.