My natural prozac

I can’t tell you how happy I am to live so close to the forest. The forest is my happy-pill. My therapist. My natural prozac.

When feeling grumpy, negative, depressed, sad or just plain old bored: if I’m smart I will make myself go for a walk in the forest. Honestly, it helps every time.

Not that I return hopping, skipping and full of happiness and joy every time, but at least feeling a lot better than when I started.  It helps to get some fresh air, to clear the head, let the thoughts flow, and for me at least: to admire the beauty of nature.

My favorite time to go walking in the woods is just before the sun sets. I sometimes walk in awe of how beautiful everything is. Obviously not possible to catch all of this in photos, but still I try to capture some of it.

Here are some pictures from my last walk. Hope you like them! ❤