A weekend in Budapest

Budapest was the destination for the trip I got for Christmas from Chris. A country and city neither of us had visited before.

Perfectly timed, our trip started on the 3rd of March on Chris’s birthday! Earlybirds as we are (ehh…. maybe not so much me), we had the alarm set for 5:30 am, just enough time to brush our teeth, close the suitcase and make our way to the train station. Our way to the airport is fairly easy, but does take about 1h 15min. One good thing about Denmark is that public transport is cheap! We only pay around 50 DKK for the whole journey.

We had a quick breakfast from Joe & The Juice (looove the Tunacado!) at the airport, before our flight to Budapest. The flight was only 1:50, so it went quick! And the good thing about getting the early flight is that you arrive in daylight, and you have the whole day ahead to explore a new place.


Unlike me, Chris likes to plan things for a trip. Something that does come in handy at times. For example we didn’t have to pay a fortune for a taxi to get us into town, or to cue up at the ticket office. Thanks to Chris’s research, we just bought two bus tickets at the little kiosk, and had a very simple and cheap journey into Budapest city center. A bus straight outside the airport took us half the way, then changed to a metro that took us right to town. Easy as!

It was a lovely surprise to find Budapest bathing in sunshine when we arrived, and it was actually to warm to wear our coats! What a treat! And a thankful escape from scandinavian winter.

Our hotel was located on the east side of the river Donau, and on the side called Pest.It was very central, and only a street away from the square outside St. Stephen’s Basilica. We stayed at Hotel SasOne. The entrance to the hotel is actually in a residential building, and the reception isn’t much to brag about. But the hotel has great location, lovely big rooms and nice breakfast. For the price we paid, it was perfect.

IMG_6384 (2)

Since it was Chris’s birthday, I had contacted the hotel in advance to ask for a surprise bottle of champagne to be in our room when we arrived! I had also brought presents, balloons etc to make it festive! But, my disappointment was rather big when I discovered only a warm bottle of white wine sitting at the desk, and nothing more. Not even a happy birthday from the receptionist. Oh well, the thought was good…

We spent the Friday wandering around, and admiring all the old beautiful buildings that are everywhere in Budapest. We stumbled across a small street food market outside and decided to have some local bulgarian food for lunch. We tried the famous Lángos, which is fried dough with toppings. Like a type of pizza. A plate-sized sheet of fried dough that is usually smothered with sour cream and cheese. We had one with sour cream, grilled paprika and roccet. I thought is was delicious!


Friday night was the big birthday night, and we got dressed up and ready for the town! Chris had found us a great restaurant using Tripadvisor, and booked us a table. Before dinner we wanted a quick drink, and randomly found a wonderful winebar serving hundreds of kinds of hungarian wine. They even had a two-man jazz band playing, and the atmosphere was really great. We would have stayed a lot longer, if it wasn’t for our table reservation. The place was called ETAP deli & night.

(We did try to go back to this place on sunday, but unfortunately it was closed! 😦 )

We had dinner at Konvy Bar & Restaurant. A small and cosy placed looking more like library than a restaurant. Great atmosphere, great service and lots of nice food on the menu. Unfortunately I managed to chose the wrong dish, and ended up with a meal completely over salted – what a disappointment! Chris’s duck was amazing, and so was our Creme brulee for dessert. Too bad the waiter did not give us any discount on the bill after our complaint, and sort of ruined our experience. Shame on you!

Peik fish and spinach risotto, with a ton of salt


We had an early start on Saturday, so no time for a lie in. Bud we managed to stuff our faces pretty well with the hotel breakfast. You know, when it’s free….

And then we were off for the Spa!! You know, Budapest is known for all of its baths and spas. It was horribly difficult to chose one actually. We ended up going to Gellért Thermal Baths. One of the biggest and oldest in town.

We took the tram just accross to the other side of the Donau, and there it was. Connected to Gellért Hotel. The buildings are huge and old and beautiful. After reading a lot of reviews about this place, some of them said that the staff was unfriendly and unhelpful, and that the baths were smelly and dirty. Luckily we found that none of this is true! The staff was very friendly and helpful actually, and it smelled like any bath I been to. We had booked our entrance tickets as well as a massage in advance. We used this site: http://gellertspa.com/

The bath is quite big, so you actually get a map when you go in. As it was a lovely sunny day, we started off with a splash in the outside pool! They have two pools outside, but only the smaller one was open. But it was really nice with 36 degrees in the water, and with the sun on our face it was really enjoyable.

After this it was time for our treatment, 50 minutes of the Royal Thermal Massage. Two nice ladies treated us, and it was great. Mine was a little bit disappointing, since I was expecting a proper rub, but it was more relaxing really. Chris was very happy with his. But for the prices it is all worth it.

We then set out to explore the rest of the thermal baths. It was one big swimming  pool in the middle, and here you have to wear a swimming cap to go in. We weren’t here to do laps, so we didn’t bother with this. On each side of the pool you find the thermal pools. There are two on each side, as well as saunas, steam rooms and small cold plunge pools. The rooms are beautiful in art nouveau style, and it’s a very relaxed atmosphere. Thermal-Pool-Gellert-Spa-Bath

My favourite bit, besides from the outdoor pool, was to have a quick dip in the cold plunge pool, before going into the hot thermal pools. What a refreshing feeling! The coldest one was just 10 degrees!

We finished the spa-experience off by a cold beer outside on the sun deck. Two thumbs up for Gellért Thermal Baths! 🙂

All the bathing made us hungry – and the next plan was to find the best pizza in Budapest!

Its no secret I am a big fan of pizza. But I am also quite fuzzy, and I like it the italian style with a proper crispy crust. Chris had found a place on TripAdvisor, and it is actually number 4 out of 2457 restaurants in Budapest. (But as we all know, Tripadvisor can be pretty deceiving, so never trust it completely!) Local Korner was our destination, and it is located in a…what can I say.. different part of town, compared to what we’ve seen so far. The area was a little dodgy, and I wouldn’t want to walk these streets on my own in the dark… BUT! It was day time, the sun was shining, and our bellies were hungry! We found the place eventually, and it is actually nothing more than a tiny take away place not looking anything special. But, as soon as we walked in the doors we could tell we were in good hands. The two guys working there were super friendly, and the place had a cool atmosphere. It only had one small table, but thats all we needed! 🙂 Let me just say that it was one of the best pizza’s I’ve had, along with a really yummy cherry beer, it was a great lunch! We even got to taste a local hungarian brandy of some sort..haha.


Would defo reccomend the Local Korner!:)

After a long day of exploring, we needed a few hours rest in our hotel room, and it was hard to get back out! We ended up just going to a close by italian place for some pasta, not worth saying anything else about. An early night it was, and some well needed hours of sleep so we could get the most out of our last day in Budapest.


Not so lucky with the weather this day, with grey clouds and a bit of rain we headed for the shopping streets! Quite successful for the both of us. They have all the normal high street shops, as well as some of the more expensive fashion boutiques. But luckily I also found some new shops I’ve never seen before, with a bit more different clothes.

We were determined to try out some more hungarian food before we left, so Goulash was our goal for lunch today. Yet again Chris had found the most popular local cafe to have goulash, and we found our way there. Surprisingly it was actually a small queue outside! Definitely a popular spot! A tiny two story place called Drum Cafe. Famous for their simple hungarian food.

We only waited about 5 minutes before we were seated at a tiny table in the corner. The place was packed to the rim with tables and guest. Not the place to go if you want to have a personal conversation 🙂 But, the food was cheap and tasty, and so was their cherry beer on draft. Goulash soup for me, and regular beef goulash with rice for Chris. Both very happy!


The rest of the day we spent looking around the other side of Donau. The Buda side. We saw the Buda Castle, and just wandered the streets. This part of Budapest is quite different from the Pest side. ALOT less people, and not as much life. Lots of hills and great views over Pest.

For our last dinner we meant to go back to the fantastic winebar we stumbled upon on friday, but as mentioned it was closed. That meant we had to find a place on the wim, and from saturday night’s experience we were a bit sceptical. But, we were in luck! On our way we had walked past a restaurant that looked very busy and cosy, so we went in there. They managed to squeeze us in on a table in the window, but it was perfect for us. A bit out of the way, but still nice. Két Szerecsen was the name of the place, and it was the best food of the weekend. Chris had another duck, while I had beef cheeks! It was just delicious! Good service, good food and good wine. We really enjoyed it.

Since it was our last night, we treated ourselves to a drink at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on our way home. Very fancy hotel! And a nice ending to our evening.


Monday our flight was early, so only had time for breakfast and to get ourselves to the airport. Budapest has quite a nice airport by the way. A few shops and lots of restaurants.

I am glad we had almost 3 full days to spend in Budapest. It is quite a big city, and there is lots to do and see here. We could easily have spent another few days to really get to know the city and to see some more of the sights. I am very pleasantly surprised about the city. It is very beautifull, has lots to offer, friendly people and loads and loads of cool places to eat and drink. Would definitely come back here one day, to try some more of the spas, eat more hungarian food and explore more of the city.

Thanks Budapest! ❤


What’s been going on?

It is a grey Monday afternoon, and I have just finished working for today. I am looking out the window and it doesn’t look very tempting! Rain, wind and grey skies. That means no running for me today!

Its been some busy weeks since the holiday, and I have been here and there. Thought I would come with a little update about what I’ve been up to lately. Of course there will be some vlogs coming, but since I am a bit behind on that I will share some pics here!

The second video from my holiday is ready, and will be posted tomorrow.

20160919_171710400_iosJust a day after we got home from our holidays I travelled to Norway again. I had a seminar with work I had to go to, so I had a week at the office. As always it was great to be back. I stayed with my mum, and we always have a nice time together. I love to be home with my mum. It always give me a comforting feeling. My mums place is always so warm and cosy, and she always lights candles, makes me dinner and takes care of me ❤

I had a really busy week and I got lots covered in a short week. I went out for dinner and drinks with a group of friends, and spent time with other family members, I got to catch up with colleagues and even made it out for dinner with them. I went out for dinner with two of my girl friends, and I got to visit my friend Anettes brand new shoe shop!


I went back to Denmark and then suddenly it was time for my birthday! They seem to be coming faster and faster each year, and I am not so excited about having birthdays anymore. I wonder why……………………….

I am a lucky girl and was treated to a great birthday-weekend from my  boyfriend Chris. We had a night in Copenhagen, and then a night on the north coast in a cosy cabin on the beach. I had a great time and couldn’t have asked for anything better. Saturday night we were so lucky and witnessed a beautiful sunset on the beach with a bottle of vino. Oh yes, very romantic!

20161001_162734172_ios #nofilter #sunset #vino #hundige #denmark #romantic #beach 

Will share more of these pictures later 🙂

We had a few normal days after this, and then this weekend we have been in Bergen! We finally got our s*** together and went to visit our friends who lives there. We had such a great weekend, and Bergen really showed it self from its best side. Beautiful sunny weather all weekend long! We even went on a hike and climbed the biggest mountain in Bergen; Ulriken – it was amazing! 🙂



Me encanta España <3

Oh my god… who doesn’t love holidays?
It must be one of the best things in life ❤

We are just back after 8 days in Spain. Oh – how I love Spain! Honestly, I feel so at home in that country. There is something about that place that just feels right with me. I can’t say I’ve travelled to that many countries in my life, but compared to the ones I’ve been to so far, Spain is my absolute favoritt.

The weather, the culture, the people, the language, the food, the life style! Me gusto mucho!


Give me the chance, and I’ll move back to Spain any day…

So this time we went to the east coast of Spain, close to Alicante. I have never been to that side before, so it was nice to experience it. We were lucky enough to be invited with my friend Pia to her mum’s house in the charming village of Villajoyosa. It is a small town about 40 minutes from Alicante Airport. It has a great beach of about 2-3 km, and a nice beachfront along side with restaurants and a few bars.


The houses in the old part of town are the cutest old townhouses painted in bright colours. The rules are you can paint your house in any colour you want, except the same colour as the neighbours! In the town behind the beachfront there are lots of small and windy cobbled streets, and a walk up the hill you find the town it self. It was actually surprisingly big. Lots of small shops, caffes, tapas places, bars and boutiques. It just felt authentic and Spanish.

There are of course tourist in this place, but alot of them are spanish, and it did not feel overcrowded. It felt like a good mix of nationalities. It might be different in the middle of the public holiday, but for this time in September it was just perfect.

I am working on my video from the holiday, and can’t wait to show it to you! 🙂


After only two days back in Denmark, I had to pack my bags again and head for the airport yet again. It was time to visit the office again, so now I am back in Norway for a week. At least I don’t have the time to get bored! Which is definitely good for me.

I like being back every so often. Time to see family and friends, and to catch up with my colleagues in the office. Also a great reminder of how much I don’t miss commuting to work! Today it took me well over an hour to get to work…thanks to heavy traffic and delayed busses. It makes me appreciate the fact that I can get to work in 15 seconds when I am in Denmark!

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a small update. New video will be out soon and more blog post are on the way.

Hasta luego!

Norwegian mountains

A few weeks ago I spent a weekend in the Norwegian mountains. It was a very classical Norwegian “hyttetur”, which I absolutely love. Noting better or more “koselig” than that! It was a birthday present to my beautiful mom, and it was her, Chris & me, and my brother & his girlfriend that went on the trip. We were lucky enough to be able to borrow a super cosy cabin in the mountains close to Rauland, from my brothers girlfriends brother! (Thank you Christopher and Gunvor!) We had such a great time!!!

Please check out my video below, you can among other things see the view from the top of Gaustatoppen (1883 m) – amazing!

I don’t think anything really can compare to the beautiful scenery we are lucky enough to have. I would love to spend more time hiking in the mountains. It is so peaceful and beautiful.

Enjoy! 🙂

And thanks to my wonderful family for a truly great weekend ❤

Beautiful scenery and family meet-up in the UK

Last Thursday I flew to the UK. My boyfriend Chris, who is English, picked me up at Luton Airport after yet another delayed flight. I think 5 out of 6 of my resent flights have been delayed! A tad annoying if you ask me!

We got on the road and headed for Kidlington where we had booked a room via Air BnB for the night. After searching through TripAdvisor to find a restaurant that was open late, we finally found a small Indian place on the high street. I have never had a bad Indian meal in the UK, so the stakes were not very high. We ended up having a nice enough meal and some beers for cheap, so we were happy!

We arrived late to our accommodation, so we were straight to bed and fast asleep.

The next day we spent shopping at Bicester Outlet Village (not pronounced Bi-cester, as us Norwegians would say, but Bister!). It is an actual village. A village of shops with pretty high end brands like Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger and friends. We did get some bargains, but I couldn’t go shopping in the UK without a visit to Primark, so we hunted down a department in Oxford. Happy shoppers! 🙂

Next stop was the house Chris’s family had rented for the weekend. It was located in a gorgeous area close to Broadway. It was like a scene taken from a proper British tv-show. It was full of old beautiful stone houses and surrounded by green fields as far as the eye could see.


On Saturday I took a walk through the village and took some photos.




We had a wonderful weekend with Chris’s family. We were almost 50 people, and many of us had come from all around the world. A big bunch came all the way from Australia! It was great meeting all of Chris’s family on his fathers side. All nice and lovely people.

It took some organising to arrange food and drinks for 50 people for a whole weekend, but they managed exceptionally well, and we had lots of wine and delicious food all weekend long. Even topped it all off with a glass of prosecco just before we left on Sunday afternoon! Cheers!

Now back in Denmark, but only for a few days. Next stop – Norway! This weekend we are going to a cabin in the mountains with my family. All fun and games this summer!