7 ways to a happier and healthier life

How I can give advice on a happy life, who is such a negative and miserable person, you ask? Well, I have done my fair share of research about the subject, and I am pretty confident that these things can make your life a little better (or at least not worse!). These are the things that I am working on to try and have the best life I can right now.


It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do something! Did you know that sitting still is worse than smoking? As for myself, I work from home and if I am not aware, I can sit still for most of the day without moving at all. This does not make me feel good, and if I have a day like that I feel rotten inside. But, it is easy to avoid! Take a walk, do some Yoga, or just some stretching, go for a run, or go to the gym. I have never in my whole life regretted a workout, and I don’t think I have ever been in a bad mood after an exercise. For real!! Give it a try, and see how it makes you feel. For me exercise is natural antidepressants.



Good sleep is essential to feeling good, at least in my book. A bad nights sleep can ruin my day. And a few nights in a row – even worse. For the most part of my adult life I have had some issues with sleeping. I take forever to fall asleep. I can be dread tired all day long, and as soon as its bed time I am wide awake! As soon as I turn the lights off, my brain switches on full speed. Extremely annoying, and really hard to turn around. Believe me I have tried!! But, there are a lot of advice out there on how to switch off your brain for bedtime, and how to sleep better. I recommend a google search, and try out what works for you.

As for me I have found a temporary solution that actually works for the time being (hurray!). I found it in the book ‘The power of now’ by Eckhart Tolle. Recommended!

Logging off

This is something I need to get better at myself. I spend way too much time in front of a screen, either being my computer, Ipad or phone. I stare at the screen for about 8 hours everyday for work, and then I spend a lot of my spare time doing the same. Like writing this blog, reading other blogs, watching tv-series, or just scrolling through social media. I am used to constant stimulation from electric devices, and as soon as I have 5 seconds to spare, I grab my phone to “check if something’s happened”. I try to force myself off this habit, and I have for example deleted the Facebook app from my phone. Instead of spending time on the internet, I think it’s good to log off and do other stuff. Like just listening to some music while reading, drawing or writing (with an actual pen on an actual piece of paper!). Colouring books for adults is a great way to log off and take a timeout. Or go for a walk. Call a friend. Maybe some meditation? I’m not very experienced on this, but sometimes I test some guided meditation sessions that I find with my good friend Google. This one I tried the other day, and it made me feel pretty good. Why don’t  you give it a go: 10 Minutes To Positive Thinking: Guided Meditation



As an introvert, talking is not my strong suite. I like listening more than talking, and I can find it hard to communicate in words. That’s why I like to write instead, and always used to write long letters and emails to friends/boyfriends/family if there was something I needed to say. But… I do like to have conversations about deeper things, although it happens rarely. To talk about the universe, the meaning of life, love, feelings, the world, religion or what not, is something that I enjoy. But only if I feel safe and confident, and with the right person in the right setting. But, I want to try to do it more often, and become more comfortable with it. Its great to open your mind as you think, talk and discuss. I think it can give you great pleasure at a deeper level.

Beeing social

Puuuh… this is also a hard one for me at times. I am very happy in my own company, and would much rather be on my own that with people I don’t know very well. You can read more about my social awkwardness in my earlier blogpost here. But, it’s no secret that near relations does a lot for one’s happiness. This I realise. And there is no better thing than to enjoy time in company of good friends or family with good food and wine. That is definitely one of my favorite things to do.


Hugs and kisses

Research actually shows that hugging is extremely effective at healing sickness, disease, loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress. How wonderful is that! Me for one loves hugs and cuddles. One of my favorite thing is to go to bed snuggling up to my boyfriend, and waking up in the same way. I have recently read that hugs are a lot like meditation and laughter. They all help us to be present in the moment,  to get you out of circular thinking patterns and connect with your heart and your feelings.


Positive thinking

This might sound as a bit of a cliche, but I can only speak for myself, and this has helped me alot. I’m naturally quite a negative person, and it is so easy for me to go on a downward spiral of negative thoughts. To dig myself a big hole, crawl into it and bade in my own misery. But to identify your negative thoughts is the first step towards letting it go, so that is step one. I try to be a lot more aware of my own thoughts, and if I find myself being negative I try to turn it around, or think about something else. To be grateful is also a good help to overcome negative thoughts. Every night I try to think about what I am grateful for from that day, and what I have to look forward to the next day. Or, if nothing else works; Fake it ’til you make it! 


The year of 2016 (part II)


In July me and Chris travelled to the UK for a big family get together. We stayed a few days in the amazing countryside where we camped and enjoyed some great times with the Risbeys!

We also spent time with my family. Later in the month we went to the Norwegian mountains, and spend a weekend in a cabin to celebrate my mums 60th birthday. It was just amazing with perfect weather, happy family members and good food and wine!


In August we had pretty good weather, and continued to enjoy our new local area. Took the train to Køge, went to the beach. Had lots of BBQ’s on our patio. Went for runs and walks in the forrest. Drank wine and enjoyed the sun as much as we could.


Finally it was time for a proper holiday! Chris and me were invited to Spain with Pia, to stay in her mums house in Villajoyosa. I longed for this holiday with all my heart and body, and it turned out to be the perfect trip.

We lived right on the beach, and the town was so charming and nice. The weather was great, and we couldn’t have asked for anything better. We even rented a car so we could go down south to visit Chris’s dad! Nice food, lots of beer & wine, long days on the beach, nights with chatting and Yatzi 🙂


After our holiday I went back to Norway for some time back at the office, and to catch up with family and friends.

It was also the month of my 32nd birthday! Chris had planned a whole weekend for me. We had a night in Copenhagen, and a night in a cosy cottage on the coast. I am one lucky girl!


This month we finally made it to Bergen to visit my good friend Hege and her lovely family. We had such a great weekend! Me and Chris hiked to the top of Bergens biggest mountain; Ulriken. We all had a day in Bergen walking around, played with the kids, had a great BBQ in the garden, enjoyed some home cooked dinners and drank some wine! I hope we can go back again very soon.



October also gave us a great cabin trip to the mountains. We were invited with my brother and his girlfriend to go to Rauland for a weekend. Its quite a long drive up there, and the roads are extremely winding. Driving up in the dark is not to recommend – especially not for an amateur driver like my self!
But, getting up there it was worth it. A cosy fireplace, red wine, good food and board games. And on saturday we had a great hike. I really really like walking in the mountains. It has become one of my favourite things to do.


Also celebrated my oldest nephews 18th birthday in October, with a great day out in Oslo. Isn’t it weird how everyone grows up, but you stay exactly the same young age???? 🙂


November got kicked off properly with the annual Christmas-party with work! If it is one thing that is great about working at Lillelam, it is that we have the best “julebord” ever (as we call it in Norway). They have each year since I started been truly been amazing.

This year our super-team of amazing girls came to Copenhagen! We enjoyed some proper amazing food experiences, shopping, drinks, a guided tour around Louisiana. (If you ever come to CPH I can really recommend a trip to Louisiana – Museum of modern art. It is a 30 min train ride away, and is such a wonderful place with an incredible location. So even if you are not an artsy-fartsy person, it is still worth a visit. Including their awesome giftshop! 🙂 )

The highlight of the two-day session was definitely our dinner at Clou. Clou is a gourmet Michelin star restaurant in the centre of Copenhagen. I must admit I am not the biggest fan of gourmet food….I think most things are gross and weird..haha. But, the whole experience of that dinner was just… incredible! Even if I didn’t like all of the food 🙂 But our 7 course meal (which turned out to be more like 12) including wine was fantastic. Just fan-freakin-tastic.

PS: I also have to mention that me and my colleage Janicke got our selves a proper laugh when we managed to experience a “real” Thai massage in something that couldn’t have been anything else than a brothel!!

In the end of November we were in for another treat! Our friends Anette & Henrik came over from Oslo, and joined us in Copenhagen for a weekend! We rented a cool apartment on AirBnb, and had a great time together. We did ALOT of waking around, had quite a few drinks, ate some nice food (including finding the BEST pizza in Copenhagen! I kid you not!) and even went to Tivoli in the dark and freezing cold! We wormed up on some gløgg and Irish coffee, so it was worth it 🙂


One of the nicest months of the year – counting down till Christmas! I spent most of this in Norway, and one of the highlights except for Christmas, was the Christmas party with the best girls in the world – The Fetsund girls!
Thats the girls I have grown up with, and even though we dont see each other very often, we try to get together all of us at least once a year. Everyone wasn’t able to join, but the ones that did had a great time that night. Love you girls! ❤


Then of course there was lots of Christmas shopping, baking, and other preparations. And then there was Xmas! We spent a lovely Christmas Eve at my brothers house with all the family. It was great! Then there were lots of other family dinners and social get togethers, as well as a lot of lounging around in my new PJ’s eating Xmas cookies and watching movies. I got the whole week off work, and enjoyed every minute.

Then….. the year of 2016 ended with a cosy night with our friends Anette & Henrik at Anettes parents house. We had some seriously awesome food, and a few drinks. We got a spectacular show of fire works to send us in to 2017.

And that my friends, was the quick summary of my experiences of 2016. Looking back at this, I have to admit it was a pretty good year with lots of great memories made. 

I have lots of hopes for this new year, and lots of new years resolutions. But back to that in another post!


Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

The year of 2016 (part I)

Like all other top bloggers, I’d like to sum of the year of 2016 in a post! 🙂 Its great looking back and realise that lots of things actually happened in 2016.  Its so easy to forget stuff!! And easy to forget to be grateful for all the good things you experience.

How to write a summary of 2016? I just look through all my photos on my Iphone, maybe a look through Facebook, and then my memory starts working…


The new year started with one of the worst hang overs of the year..haha. Meaning I had a pretty good new years eve! Me and Chris hosted a small party at my dads house (where we lived at the time) with a proper turkey dinner, lots of wine and drinks, games, a fire pit, sparkles and fireworks, sing star, river dancing, chatting and lots of fun.

January gave us lots of snow, and I had to do my fair share of snow shoveling for the first time ever. Chris moved to Copenhagen, and my dad returned from sailing in the Caribbean. I did lots of running on my dads treadmill and was pretty serious about exercise. Also attempted the 5:2 diet for a few weeks…. not so successful…


In February I had a fantastic meeting with my boss. I went in to the meeting to give notice due to moving to Denmark, but left with keeping my job and given the opportunity to work remotely. What luck!

I went to Copenhagen to visit Chris, and to see where we were going to live! We had a great weekend exploring and enjoying some time together after been separated for a while. Including a night at The Bella Sky Hotell (with an upgraded room!), and Valentines Day with dinner, drinks and a movie.



In March I enjoyed alot of time outdoors in the woods where I lived. I tried to appreciate the nature more, and take a time out from the world (including my phone). I cut down on tv-time and spent more time listening to music and writing/drawing.

I had a crazy trip on the “Danskebåten” / (cruiseboat to Denmark) with my friend Pia, we celebrated my fantastic mum’s 60th birthday and I made my very first cake from scratch!

I also had a big transformation with my hair! It went from very long and straight, to very short, blonder and with curls! I needed a change before moving, and I was very happy with the result!


In April we celebrated my little sisters big 18th birthday with a day out in Oslo! Finally aloud to drink alkohol publicly – yippeee!


As usual my brother, my father and my self did the Sentrumsløpet, a 10k run in Oslo that takes place in april every year. It was a great day, and to my own surprise I made a new personal record this year! I was sooo proud and pleased! After the run a group of friends went out for dinner and celebrated.



Now it was time for the big move!
But first I enjoyed some great times with friends. Dinner and drinks with a few in Lillestrøm, a trip to the Opera with Pia, and a “dance-party” with my dads band. Lots of fun memories to take with me down to Denmark.

In the middle of May Chris came to collect me with the big van! I had all my stuffed packed up, and was ready to go. I felt excited and happy for a new chapter in my life. A new country to live in, and whole new lifestyle!  This was also when this little blog baby was born! I nervously posted my first post to Facebook on the 28th of May, and started vlogging. You can see my very first video here 🙂


June went by trying to settle into my new home. It was all new and unknown territory, but luckily the sun was shining, and we enjoyed lots of time outside on our new patio, exploring the beaches around, and the town of Køge.  It was strange to work from home, but I enjoyed the freedom it gave me.

In the end of June I travelled to Paris! A birthday present to my sister from our dad, and my brother and me was lucky enough to travel along. We had an amazing time there, and you can check out my vlog from the trip here. Lots of wine, good food, walking (alot), tattoos (!), and sightseeing.



I think that is more than enough for one post!

To be continued………..




A superficial girl in a superficial world

Long, thick hair with Hollywood curs. Styled to perfection.
Flawless skin and makeup on fleek. No wrinkles or signs of ageing.
Slim, toned body. Not too skinny, not the slightest sign of too much fat.
Breasts not too be confused with mountains, but neither to raisins.
Stylish cool clothes that fit and suits your body. Preferably from a known high end brand. An oversized bag to match. From Louis Vuitton.

According to television, magazines, bloggers, celebrities, Instagram, … well… the world.. that is how you should appear. At least that is how I have perceived it, and in my head that is the image of “the perfect woman”.

Although I do not normally see me as very superficial person, I have come to realise that I in fact am. I now, and have through out my life, spent ALOT of time thinking of my appearance. Or more, complaining about my appearance.


I am to fat, my nose is too big, I have no cheekbones, my hair is too straight and flat, my complexion is too fair, I never get a tan, my nails never grow, my boobs are too small, my hips are to wide, I have too  many wrinkles, I look old, I feel ugly.

When I think about all the time I have wasted on these stupid thoughts I feel sad. Sad for my self, and sad to think I am hardly alone. Sad to think about the girls growing up today, with social media pushed in their faces 24/7.

Why isn’t there more focus on peoples insides? We humans are so much more than our looks. What about what goes on on the other side of us? Our personality, our compassion, kindness to others, acceptance of each other, the connection with our selves and our minds. Our thoughts, ideas, meanings and  values.

I wish I had spent alot more time throughout my life thinking more about those kind of things. Instead of wasting my time and energy on something that is so unimportant in the big picture, and beside, something that is absolutely unachievable .

As I am now actually 32 years old, and considered to be an adult. I really should know better. But the truth is… I still spend a lot of time thinking about my looks. About the fact that I still haven’t reached my goal for the perfect bikini body, even though I have spent countless hours in the gym (usually followed by a fiest of pick n mix, alcohol, pizza and biscuits. Go figure!), and  always chosen the low fat yoghurt. I spend time being sad about the fact that I will never again be young and beautiful. My time as young and irresponsible has past. From now on it only goes one way……

As you can see I am extremely positive about my future..haha. No, seriously… at least I am now aware of the stupidity of these thoughts. That at least is a step in the right direction…and maybe there is hope for me after all.


To all the girls growing up today……. I wish you luck.

And hope you are smarter and stronger than I was.


Live in the now…

Why is it so hard to live in the now? So hard to appreciate everyday and make the most of it. To realise that we are actually pretty lucky every day, and should really be thankful if we think about it.

I am great at being thankful and mindful when I am on holiday! It doesn’t even have to be much of a holiday, but a night or two away somewhere. Then I make the most of every minute and enjoy whatever it is I do.

I wish I could transfer some of this to my everyday life. Is it possible?
I’m not sure.

For my birthday weekend we stayed one night in a small cottage by the beach in the north of Sjælland, Denmark. We had less than 24 hours at this place, but still it felt like a holiday. We enjoyed it so much, and really just appreciated every little bit.

Shoulders down, breathing still, no stressful thinking, no worrying about anything or anyone. No fears for the future, or money-problems. Smiles, laughter, talking, closeness, togetherness and kindness.

A cosy atmosphere always helps me relax 🙂 And this cabin was just that.. cosy. Nice lighting, some candles and nice company. It didn’t hurt that my boyfriend made me my favoritt; filet steak with sweet potato fries, broccoli and bearnaise sauce. Yummmm!


Before dinner we witnessed a gorgeous sunset on the beach. We even brought a bottle of wine with us, and it was no less than perfect.

Just look……



Looking for something…

I spend alot of time thinking about life.
Probably too much for my own good.

I  think, and I worry. And I think and I worry, and I think. I am so afraid of loosing out, of missing something essential that I was supposed to discover. Maybe the one thing that will change my life is just out there waiting for me. I believe that there is something else about life that I have yet to see. To understand.  And I am spending so much time thinking about this, but the more I think about it, the faster time goes.. and the  faster time goes, the more stressed I get. Stressed about not finding it in time. Of wasting precious time that I should/could spend on something else!

I read about people who have “found” this something…They feel good about their life, and feel balanced with nature and with them selves. I envy them.

They say they finally understand. Understand how the univers talks to them, and how to always follow their instinct. Understand how the instinct is always right when you just decide to listen. That you just need to listen. Just listen….

But all I can hear are my own bloody thoughts!  


But the worst feeling of all, is the fear of one day waking up realising I have wasted my life looking for something I will never find. Regretting not just “living in the moment”, and enjoying life as much as I can while I am alive.

Maybe I should go to a Yoga/meditation retreat for a few weeks. Take a step back from life. Away from mobile phones and internet. Away from all the impressions you get from social media every day. To have time just with your own thoughts and actually have time to think, and reconnect with yourself.

Or maybe I should just delete Facebook.

That wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Its horrible how much time I spend scrolling down the stupid feed, realising afterwords I saw absolutely nothing interesting at all. But still I feel addicted to it. Doing the same thing every day. So scared of missing something!!
I did delete alot of the people I was friends with, hoping to get less uninteresting crap in my newsfeed. But, actually it only made it worse! Now Facebook has to dig even deeper into the uninteresting world to find something to show me. Oh! Newsflash! My old friend’s uncle’s daughter’s friend has a new profile picture! Or, my old work colleague likes a picture of her friend’s daughter. Bloody hell, it drives me crazy!


As I work with Facebook and social media I probably shouldn’t delete it all completely. But maybe I can make some rules for myself… Only allowed to check Facebook once a day?? Do you think that would work??

I think maybe less distractions from this media world could bring me closer to finding this something that I talk about. Less time connecting with the online world, and more time connecting with myself. 

24th of January, 2016

Dear diary…

Tonight I went to the cinema with mum. We saw “Mannen fra Snåsa”.
It was… nice. I cried the whole time. I got so moved and touched by this man. He is just good all the way through. All he wants is to help people. He says, like so many others: You just have to focus on the good. On the positive.

That is what I am trying to do, but it is so hard.

I don’t understand when I became such a negative person. How did it happen?

I desperately want something…more..but what?
This life. It has to be something more?

The brain, the body, the world, the universe. I am sure there is something “more”. But what path should you take? How do  you really know what you want? Without anyone else’s influence?

I need to really feel. Without any interruptions. I want to walk in the woods. I want to go to the cabin, just me. Just to be. Without interruptions from anything or anyone. Silence. Boredom? Only me and my thoughts. Make a fire, think, be.

Yes, I think that would be good. Maybe this weekend…

Listening to Unni Wilhelmsen. Its nice. I am happy with today. I am scared for the future. Money…sucks.
It controls your life….

In your own head.. Weird. Long time since last time.
Put away that stupid phone.
I cant stand it. Life?!?
Not worth wasting time.

Focus. Music. Think. Exercise. Walk. Run. Be outside. Forrest. Nature. Air. Be alone. No interruptions. Patience. Faith. Yoga. Breath. Stretch. Waves. Beach. Sunset. Look. Think. Be present in your own life. Your self.

Think. Here and there. Up and down. Dark. Heavy. What. How. What is the point – the meaning. Don’t understand. Are you supposed to be positive all the time?? Is it really possible? How… I wonder.

Sad. Thoughtful. Confused. Wistfully….a bit.
Help. What even matters.

Goodness. The good. wins. Be good.




  1. What was the last thing you wrote on a piece of paper?

Hmm.. as I pretty much never write anything with pen and paper anymore, my handwriting has turned to shit. But, the last things i wrote was notes from watching a tutorial about InDesign.

  1. What do you always have in your handbag?

My oversized wallet (why do I have such a huge wallet?? I never have any cash, and only ever use my visa card..), my cellphone, a lip balm, keys, a pocket mirror, and I think that’s it. Not too exciting!

  1. What do you order when at a café?

A latte or cappuccino…

  1. What does it say on the last text you received?

«Do you have some company in the sun?» from my dad

  1. Who do you call when angry/upset?

My mum or Chris…

  1. What colour is your toothbrush?

Pink and white

  1. Can you change the oil on a car?

Hell no!

  1. What kind of pets have you had?
    Unfortunately my mum was allergic to pets, so I only ever had goldfish, a bunny (who lived outside), and a tortoise. Oh, and I had a rat when I moved away from home. Her name was Princess ❤


  1. Do you have any piercings?

Not anymore! I used to have one in my bellybutton, and I had a nose ring for maaany years. I had to take it out when job hunting in England, and when we went on holiday I forgot to put it back in. I miss it!!!

  1. Norway at its best?

Aahhh… Norway ❤ Hate it when I’m there, love it when I’m not. Long warm summer nights when it barely gets dark, and you can sit outside all night long.


  1. What makes you sad?

Oh….  Thinking too much about life and the meaning of it all. Thinking that something bad will happen to the people I love. Thinking about the world, and how fucked up alot of it is.

  1. What makes you happy?
    Haha, if you read my blog post about my negative mind (read it here), you know that its not the easiest question for me. But, swimming in the sea makes me happy. And having good times with good friends. Feeling free and in harmony with my self (doesn’t happen very often). Holidays. Puppies (I love looking at the hashtag #cutepuppy on Instagram <3). I haven’t done too much of it, but hiking in the mountains makes me happy. And drinking wine. Haha.13396971_10208808512543905_739396267_o
  1. What is your dream job?

To work for my self and decide my own hours. Only having to work a few hours a day, and whenever it suits me. Maybe something to do with webdesign or graphic design.

  1. Are you happy with yourself?

Pretty much no

  1. What was the last thing you bought?

I went food shopping when I was in town earlier. Dinner for tonight, fruit, and even though I kept telling myself the whole time I was there not to buy any sweeties, I bought sweeties. Well done self control!

  1. Do you like Chinese food?

I like it, but I would never choose to go for Chinese food if there was other options..

  1. When did you last go to church?

For my nephews confirmation I think…

  1. What will you do when you are finished writing this?

I will make some food (breadrolls with cheeeeese), and watch Game of thrones

  1. Have you ever been in an ambulance?

Yes. When I was 7 after breaking my arm when cycling down a hill.

  1. Tell something that most people dont know about you?

Hmm… thats tricky. I am addicted to two Norwegian bloggers who are both like 10 years younger than me. Voe and Sophie Elise. I read their blogs several times a day.. haha.


  1. Are your parents married or divorced?

Divorced. Split up when I was 15.

  1. How many pillows in your bed?
    Four. Two we use for sleeping, and the other two for when watching telly in bed 🙂


  1. Do you prefer shoes, socks or bare feet?

I dont like feet, so maybe socks.


  1. What are you listening to right now?

The radio. Nrk p3. Which annoys med madly, cause I dont even like any of the music they are playing. I am just to lazy to change it.


  1. What do you preferably drink to breakfast?

Instant coffee with milk. Or some kind of juice on special occasions.. 🙂


  1. Favourite teacher in high school?

Hmm… I cant remember I liked any of them that much.

  1. Do you want kids?

No. I dont think so. Have never wanted kids, and i dont think it will change.

  1. Do you speak any other languages?

Obviously I speak Norwegian and English. And a little bit of Spanish. Would like to be fluen tone day!


  1. What would you rather spend money on?

Food, drink, travelling.


30.How to impress you?

By being honest, including towards others and true to  your self. By working hard to achieve what you want. And actually doing exactly what you want, and not what others or society expect from you.


A day in a life…

I can feel the sun on my face…
The room is no longer dark, and the morning light sweeps over the room.
This is how I wake up. The sun rising and peeking through my blinds in my bedroom window. There is no better way to be woken. No beeping alarm. No harsh interruption of dreams. No feeling of being deprived of sleep you so desperately need.

No, this is how a morning is supposed to start. Calm and nice. Just the sun kissing your skin and slowly bringing you back from the land of dreams. I open my eyes and look across the bed. He is still asleep. I look at his peaceful face and smile. And secretly thank the heavens that he doesn’t snore at all.

I get out of bed and stretch my body while I yawn. Even though I woke up by myself, it is still early morning. Just the way I like it. This time of day when everyone else is asleep, and the world seems like a peaceful place.

I look at the fluffy little thing lying in the corner of the room. Little sounds come from this tiny creature and I can tell he’s dreaming. Maybe of chasing birds down the beach? I sit down next to his bed and gently stroke his head. He is so soft and warm. His eyes open and I swear he is smiling at me. Good morning Fudge, I say. Come, lets get up. He crawls out of his bed and we walk out to the kitchen.

I make myself a cup of coffee and prepare some food for the little guy. We like to have our mornings out on the balcony, so we go out and take our regular places. Me in the swing chair and he – where ever the bowl of food is placed. I look out on the view and the sky is light blue with a sheer blanket of light skies. The ocean deep blue as far as my eyes can see. If I hold my breath I can almost hear the sound of the waves coming up on the beach. A few fishing boats are already out, and a few people are walking their dogs down on the beachfront. But most of the town is still sound asleep.

I finish my coffee and put on some clothes. As I can already feel the heath of the day I only wear a pair of running shorts and a sports top. I put on my new bright yellow Nike’s, glugg down a glass of the smoothie I made last night, and me and Fudge head out the door.

As we make our way down the stairs I wonder if the cafe has opened yet. Some days I leave my keys with Maria if shes there, so I don’t have to run with rattling keys in my pocket. We walk around the corner, and I can already hear the high pitched laughter I know. Hola Maria, I shout, and I have to smile just looking at this tiny Spanish lady in front of me. She greets me with a big smile and a kiss on my cheek. Hola guapa, she says. Going for a run today? Do you want a cafe con leche before you go? I turn down the coffee, but leave my keys and promises to have one on my way back.

We go on our usual morning route down by the beach. Its my favourite place to go running. The sun is already roasting, and I can feel the sweat running down my back. My breathing is heavy and my legs not quite awake, but the thought of a refreshing dip in the sea on the way back makes me determined to go a bit faster. 8 km later I am back on the beach. I throw my shoes and my shorts off, and both me and Fudge run out in the sea as fast as we can. The water feels so great, and I feel awake and alive.

A shower and a breakfast later I am sat by my big rosewood desk in the open living room. I look up from my computer and get lost in the view for a moment. I look out over the seafront, the waves coming in from the endless ocean. The sky is intensely blue and the bright big sun reflects in the ocean making me squint. I think back on the previous years and it makes me proud and happy to think that it was all worth it in the end.
Ok, back to work. I need to finish this brochure for Lillelam before I can call it a day.

Hey, how bout an early-bird mojito? Chris shouts from the kitchen. I look at my watch and realise it is already 4 o’clock. Shit, better get ready. They will be here in just a few hours. I shut my computer of and walk in to the kitchen. The whole kitchen smells of rum and mint. Chris has started preparing for tonight’s dinner, including his speciality, Mojitos. Thank god one of us is talented in the kitchen-department. I can’t cook for my life! I give him a quick kiss, take a sip of my drink, and head for the roof.

I love this space we have up here. A big terrace with an spectacular view. Big comfy sofa’s, swing chairs and sunbeds, a big barbecue, and in the corner the awesome bamboo bar Chris made us. Perfectly finished with all the cushions, candles and fairy lights I managed to put up. It does look amazing if I can say so my self. And especially at night when you can see all the lights from the city below us, the big moon and billions of stars.

I set the big dining table and put out the chairs we need. 10 of us for dinner tonight! Maria and a few of here friends are coming too. It will be a big mix of Spanish, Norwegian and English. Just the way we like it. Shortly the Norwegian crowd will arrive from the airport, and it will be heavenly to see them again. I can’t believe I managed to get both my brother and my friends to come for this weekend. Perfect timing!

I take Fudge out for a quick walk while I pick up some last minute supplies. The little shop around the corner doesn’t have the biggest selection of food, but half the shop is filled up with Spanish wine and spirits. I buy a few extra bottles of our favourite cava. Doesn’t hurt to have a few spare. Knowing my friends they will be more than happy to drink us out of the house!

Party dress on, and my favourite Jimmy Choo high heeled sandals. One of the first things I bought when I got my first big pay check from my graphic design business. I love them. They remind me of what we have accomplished. And a girl has to have proper shoes!!
Ding-dong! Here they are!! I run down to the front door and I am so excited I could cry! I squash them all with hugs and kisses, and can’t believe they are all here! I show them to their rooms, and before they know it they each have a cold mojito in their hands and we’re up at the roof enjoying the sunshine and our company.

Everyone is here and the barbecue is on. Soon the smell of Chris special steaks fill the air and we’re almost ready for dinner. Laughing and chatting, a great mix of all languages, and everyone seems to be having a great time. I feel so happy to have everyone here, and at this moment I can’t ask for anything else in life. I am completely and utterly happy to the core of my body. Who knew I could feel this way….




The social retard

So yes, that would be me.

How come some people can manage to be so outgoing, so open, and just so damn radiant! You know that kind of person that just claims the attention when they walk into a room without screaming or shouting or acting like a maniac. The person that talks to you like they’re actually interested in you. The person who has this glow around them that just makes you want to be their best friend. Who always says the most interesting things, and always has a funny comment at just the right time.

Don’t you just hate those people?? haha, no, you just want to BE those people!

Well, I’m stuck just being me.

The socially retarded me.

social flower

I’m scared of meeting new people. I hate small-talk. I don’t like being in big groups of people (meaning more than 3!) where I don’t know them that well. I dread settings were I am expected to talk to new people, come across as nice and polite and make sense at the same time!

I get scared and nervous. I get stupid. I suddenly don’t have a single interesting ting to say, and sometimes I even forget my manners. I get socially retarded.

I am the person who will walk across the road to avoid meeting someone I kind of know. I am the person who will pretend to be out shopping for frozen fish, when I am actually just wanting a bar of chocolate, but I spotted someone I sort of know, so will do anything to avoid them. I am the person who will stay an extra 2 minutes in  the public bathroom if I hear someone else outside washing their hands.

My boyfriend is the complete opposite of me. He is THE people person! He loves people and people love him. He is actually like the person I described in the beginning of this post. He has an outstanding talent in social skills. Why is it that people are so different when it comes to socialisation? Pretty unfair if you ask me! But  I am happy that he is like he is. It gives me a push to try and be a bit more social. And believe you me, I need that sometimes.


I wish I was better at meeting new people. To come across as someone who is not bored, lazy or got my nose in the air. For the record, I am not bored or stuck up. I am shy! And nervous! And I just get nervous around people I don’t know. Which is kind of crazy and a little bit silly, as I am supposed to be a 30 year old independent and confident woman!!

At one point I actually read a book called ‘The art of talking to anyone’. That was just before I travelled to Spain on my own..haha.. You can imagine how nervous I was then. And no, the book didn’t help much at all, except for teaching me some incredible bad jokes. Here are some of the one-liner jokes this bookes suggest:

A: Does anyone else react poorly to coffee? I get headaches and my eyes hurt.
B: Maybe before drinking your coffee, you should take the spoon out of the cup?

A: We went to the ballet last night, and I’m still marveling at the way they dance on their toes.
B: Why don’t they just get taller dancers?

A: Yes, we’re definitely getting married although I haven’t picked a date yet.
B: What? You’re bringing a date to your own wedding?

Oh  my  god. Who ever wrote this book has a great sense of humor!


Anyway, I also have to admit; I am not the biggest people-person… is that a terrible thing to say? or is it socially acceptable? I don’t know, but it is the truth. The truth about my social awkwardness 🙂