About me

In May 2016 i moved to Denmark. To a small village outside Køge surrounded by fields and forests. It is a lovely place in the countryside, with only a train station to connect us to the rest of the world. No shops, no gym, no cafés or restaurants. Luckily the train takes ut to Køge in 10 minutes, and Copenhagen is only a 40 minute train ride away.

Norway is my home country. Denmark is the 4th country I live in.I spent a year in Spain, and a year in the UK.  The dream is to move back to España one day. But for now, Denmark will have to do.

I am in the beginning of my 30thies, but still feel like 21.(Jeeeze, that makes me sound old!!) I am a tiny bit panicked about my age. Considering I haven’t exactly accomplished much of the things you might be supposed to have done by this age. No house, no kids nor husband. But I do have a boyfriend, and I do consider getting a dog.

I work from home, and I have an office at home where I spend most of my day. I work for a Norwegian brand called Lillelam. Lillelam makes children’s clothes in Merino wool, and has great success with that. Check out our website http://www.lillelam.no

I work with lots of different stuff, but marketing and social media being a part of it, and is also my favourite part. I love working with graphic design and love to play around with Photoshop Elements (yes, I am such an amateur I don’t even have the proper Photoshop!) But, my project for the next months is to learn the magic of InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.

Besides that this is some of my favourite things in life:
Swimming in the sea, sunshine, sleeping, chocolate, pick n’mix, running, wine, books, digestives, family, sushi, puppies, Roses (the chocolate made by Cadbury, not the flowers), Tv series, cinema, pizza, Spain, camping, travelling, avocado, Whiskey sour, tattoos.


Check out my YouTube channel here – Living life danishly