Super Successful Saturday

So, it’s one of those days where my own tips to a happy life goes down the drain. Positive thinking can go to hell.

I’ve had a boring and shitty day, and I’m not afraid to say it. It’s my Saturday and I’ll cry if I want to!

It started after 12 hours of solid sleep (which is what happens when I don’t have an alarm clock on), and I woke up stressed about how far the day had already gone without me.

Determined to do something with this day, I skipped my normal breakfast and coffee in bed (how stupid was I), jumped out of bed and into some clothes. Even put some makeup on, as a first this week! But no matter how quick I was, I still ended up having to ride my bike like a madman to catch the train. Almost had a heart attack!

For the first time since coming to Denmark, I took the train south, heading for the wonderful (?) town of Næstved. In Næstved they actually have a shopping mall! So I thought it was worth a visit, and worth the effort of getting out of bed this Saturday.

Would I come to regret this decision? Perhaps…

I managed to get off at the wrong train station. So that was funny! I then had to take a bus to get to the mall. Another half hour wasted… and guess what, shopping malls close at 4 on a Saturday in Denmark! Arriving at the mall, it was ok. Ok size, ok shops. Wandering around, looking here and there, and I didn’t buy a thing. After an hour or so I sort of had enough. Checked the trains home.. only one every hour.. hmmm… should I just leave now? Or, should I take the next train and spend an hour in Bilka (which is a HUGE grocery store with everything from tv’s to clothes to fresh food)? Bilka it is then!

But first, let’s have a Starbuck coffee while I’m here! Awesome I thought… except it took about 20 minutes to get my coffee, so when I finished drinking it, and started looking in Bilka I suddenly found out I only had 10 minutes before I had to walk to the train! What?! Oh jesus…. now what… should I just go home without any groceries, or spend another hour ++ in here??!

So I ended up staying even longer, just because I tempted myself with sushi for dinner. Which they normally have at these humongous Bilka shops.

Mark the word ‘normally’… today they were sold out!

How nice! That made my mood so much better I can assure you. So, I walked around grumpy grumps for an hour, bought only a hairbrush and a  Camembert cheese (sounds like a great dinner?!), and then walked to the train in fog and rain.

Got to the right train station, and of course, the train was delayed…… ahhh… could this saturday be any better?

So, now I am finally home. It is 7pm, and I have completely wasted this day. Determined now to drink a bottle of wine, and have a full camembert for dinner.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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