A day in a life…

I can feel the sun on my face…
The room is no longer dark, and the morning light sweeps over the room.
This is how I wake up. The sun rising and peeking through my blinds in my bedroom window. There is no better way to be woken. No beeping alarm. No harsh interruption of dreams. No feeling of being deprived of sleep you so desperately need.

No, this is how a morning is supposed to start. Calm and nice. Just the sun kissing your skin and slowly bringing you back from the land of dreams. I open my eyes and look across the bed. He is still asleep. I look at his peaceful face and smile. And secretly thank the heavens that he doesn’t snore at all.

I get out of bed and stretch my body while I yawn. Even though I woke up by myself, it is still early morning. Just the way I like it. This time of day when everyone else is asleep, and the world seems like a peaceful place.

I look at the fluffy little thing lying in the corner of the room. Little sounds come from this tiny creature and I can tell he’s dreaming. Maybe of chasing birds down the beach? I sit down next to his bed and gently stroke his head. He is so soft and warm. His eyes open and I swear he is smiling at me. Good morning Fudge, I say. Come, lets get up. He crawls out of his bed and we walk out to the kitchen.

I make myself a cup of coffee and prepare some food for the little guy. We like to have our mornings out on the balcony, so we go out and take our regular places. Me in the swing chair and he – where ever the bowl of food is placed. I look out on the view and the sky is light blue with a sheer blanket of light skies. The ocean deep blue as far as my eyes can see. If I hold my breath I can almost hear the sound of the waves coming up on the beach. A few fishing boats are already out, and a few people are walking their dogs down on the beachfront. But most of the town is still sound asleep.

I finish my coffee and put on some clothes. As I can already feel the heath of the day I only wear a pair of running shorts and a sports top. I put on my new bright yellow Nike’s, glugg down a glass of the smoothie I made last night, and me and Fudge head out the door.

As we make our way down the stairs I wonder if the cafe has opened yet. Some days I leave my keys with Maria if shes there, so I don’t have to run with rattling keys in my pocket. We walk around the corner, and I can already hear the high pitched laughter I know. Hola Maria, I shout, and I have to smile just looking at this tiny Spanish lady in front of me. She greets me with a big smile and a kiss on my cheek. Hola guapa, she says. Going for a run today? Do you want a cafe con leche before you go? I turn down the coffee, but leave my keys and promises to have one on my way back.

We go on our usual morning route down by the beach. Its my favourite place to go running. The sun is already roasting, and I can feel the sweat running down my back. My breathing is heavy and my legs not quite awake, but the thought of a refreshing dip in the sea on the way back makes me determined to go a bit faster. 8 km later I am back on the beach. I throw my shoes and my shorts off, and both me and Fudge run out in the sea as fast as we can. The water feels so great, and I feel awake and alive.

A shower and a breakfast later I am sat by my big rosewood desk in the open living room. I look up from my computer and get lost in the view for a moment. I look out over the seafront, the waves coming in from the endless ocean. The sky is intensely blue and the bright big sun reflects in the ocean making me squint. I think back on the previous years and it makes me proud and happy to think that it was all worth it in the end.
Ok, back to work. I need to finish this brochure for Lillelam before I can call it a day.

Hey, how bout an early-bird mojito? Chris shouts from the kitchen. I look at my watch and realise it is already 4 o’clock. Shit, better get ready. They will be here in just a few hours. I shut my computer of and walk in to the kitchen. The whole kitchen smells of rum and mint. Chris has started preparing for tonight’s dinner, including his speciality, Mojitos. Thank god one of us is talented in the kitchen-department. I can’t cook for my life! I give him a quick kiss, take a sip of my drink, and head for the roof.

I love this space we have up here. A big terrace with an spectacular view. Big comfy sofa’s, swing chairs and sunbeds, a big barbecue, and in the corner the awesome bamboo bar Chris made us. Perfectly finished with all the cushions, candles and fairy lights I managed to put up. It does look amazing if I can say so my self. And especially at night when you can see all the lights from the city below us, the big moon and billions of stars.

I set the big dining table and put out the chairs we need. 10 of us for dinner tonight! Maria and a few of here friends are coming too. It will be a big mix of Spanish, Norwegian and English. Just the way we like it. Shortly the Norwegian crowd will arrive from the airport, and it will be heavenly to see them again. I can’t believe I managed to get both my brother and my friends to come for this weekend. Perfect timing!

I take Fudge out for a quick walk while I pick up some last minute supplies. The little shop around the corner doesn’t have the biggest selection of food, but half the shop is filled up with Spanish wine and spirits. I buy a few extra bottles of our favourite cava. Doesn’t hurt to have a few spare. Knowing my friends they will be more than happy to drink us out of the house!

Party dress on, and my favourite Jimmy Choo high heeled sandals. One of the first things I bought when I got my first big pay check from my graphic design business. I love them. They remind me of what we have accomplished. And a girl has to have proper shoes!!
Ding-dong! Here they are!! I run down to the front door and I am so excited I could cry! I squash them all with hugs and kisses, and can’t believe they are all here! I show them to their rooms, and before they know it they each have a cold mojito in their hands and we’re up at the roof enjoying the sunshine and our company.

Everyone is here and the barbecue is on. Soon the smell of Chris special steaks fill the air and we’re almost ready for dinner. Laughing and chatting, a great mix of all languages, and everyone seems to be having a great time. I feel so happy to have everyone here, and at this moment I can’t ask for anything else in life. I am completely and utterly happy to the core of my body. Who knew I could feel this way….





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