Bla bla bla…

It is Friday night. I am sitting in my office still in my workout clothes, and a bit sweaty after the little workout I did tonight. I am even having a beer! (before my shower….whooo…crazy me!) As I am home alone I do what I want 🙂

This week has been the first normal week in a long time, and I have been trying hard to get back in to my habits. I have done exercise or gone for a walk every day (oh yeah, thats 5 days y’all!) and I feel a little bit better. The problem is I am sitting still most of the day…Like this week Chris has been away, so I mean, I don’t have to go anywhere….. Not travel to work, not go to the shops, not go see a friend (cause yeah, I don’t have any), nothing I should or have to do.

So lets face it, I need to do MORE than just my 45 minuets of work out every now and then. Its just not enough. How to get more activity into my everyday life??

20160802_191912585_iOSI took this photo when I was home in Fetsund the other week. This was the night I played Pokèmon Go for the first time! haha! I was just walking around where my mum lives and it was so nice to see the sun going down. This is straight off my phone, no filters, no editing. I just love the colours!


I don’t know what this post is supposed to be about.. I just felt like writing really. And sharing some pictures. I have already written another post that goes live on Sunday! Stay tuned 🙂

Oh, and if  you haven’t seen my last video you can check it out here. And, if you sort of like it you can hit the like-button! You know the one with the thumb pointing up under the video 🙂


Sometimes its just nice to write down in words what you’re thinking about and what you’re feeling. Right now I feel like my life is a little bit on hold. We’re just waiting to find somewhere else to live, I am just waiting to live somewhere else so I can start going to the gym, as soon as we make some more progress we can start planning some proper travelling, and after that we can start thinking about buying that puppy that I’ve always wanted. Why is it so hard to just live in the now? You know, just make the best of it while you can? Who knows what will happen tomorrow or in next week. We might just be hit by a buss, or the whole world might come to an end.

These are thoughts I have quite alot, but I still can’t change the way I think. I still wait for this and this to happen, before I can do this or this. Silly human brain!!


Serious words of wisdom from me on a Friday night…

Peace out!



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