The restless feeling -part II

So, this is the second part about my travelling story. Read part 1 here.

The spring of 2011 I was living at the hotel in Spain with Chris. The two of us ran the hotel, bar and restaurant with the help of a fabulous chef and some volunteers. It was damn hard work and probably the hardest I have ever worked in my life. But still, I was living in Spain! The sun was shining and the wine was cheap. Thinking back on it now I have of course only great fun memories. Buuut, if I think about it a bit harder I remember it being really tough and  a struggle. All work and no play and so on…

Chris's 40th i
Maybe not ALL work and no play… 

June came and Chris was able to sell the hotel! We were ecstatic! Finally freedom! It was a great relief, and we were both happy to move on to new adventures. The only issue was…what? and where?

I brought Chris home to Norway to show him off, and then we went to England to visit Chris’s family. We spent the whole summer just seeing friends and family, going camping, exploring new areas and enjoying ourselves and our newfound freedom. At some point we realised that the money was running out and we needed to figure out a plan!

We never actually made a decision, but before we knew it we were applying for jobs and looking for flats in York. York is a beautiful town in the north of England, and close to some of Chris’s family. It seemed like the natural thing to do.

With Chris’s long experience in the hospitality business he quickly landed a job as a bar/restaurant manager. It was not surprisingly hard work and long hours, but money needed to be made, so what choice do one have! For me it was a struggle to find something to do. I applied for ALOT of jobs, and even went to a help center to get advice for CV and job interviews. I did actually get offered a job at Pret a Manger, but only survived a day..haha. Stressful sandwich making is not for me. But the free lunch was AWESOME – I love Pret!

Time went by and we moved closer to Chris’s work which was in Malton. A very small village outside of York. At one point all I did during a day was go for a run and make dinner. What an exciting life! I was quite miserable there too. (Would I ever be satisfied??)  But then Chris brought me inn and I worked for him in the bar/restaurant. That was quite fun and we met so much nice people there!!


But, after about a year in the UK this restless feeling started creeping back under our skin. We couldn’t think that this was it for us. Surely there must be more adventures to be made? A decision was made! In June 2012 we gave up jobs and flats, and bought a van! We were going to be nomads for a while, and the long and winding road was ahead of us.

We spent 4 crazy months living in a Vauxhall Movano and travelling between UK and France. We earned a living by shipping stuff between the countries.To read more about this experience you can read our travel blog here. Go to July 2012 to read from the start, it is entertainment! 🙂


After 4 months I had had enough with the everlasting hunt for the toilet. Haha, the worst part of living in a van – honestly! I was feeling extremely homesick, and longed for the A4 life with 8-4 jobs and weekends! We decided that I should go home to Norway and Chris would keep doing the driving for a while. I got a job and an apartment, and quickly I was sort of back to where I started. But this time it was a relief with a steady income and my own bathroom!

After a year and a half of having a long distance relationship Chris finally came to join me in Norway. He got back to his passion for furniture while I was enjoying my job at Lillelam. Things were steady and normal for a change, and life got back to a normal pace without too much drama.


But, of course….. that feeling… that restless feeling……….


May 2016 we moved to Denmark! New adventures here we come!


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