Paris next!

Another Wednesday is here, and shit – its the middle of June already! Seriously, what is going on with time?? Wednesdays were supposed to be my VideoWednesdays and Sundays my blogpost day, but things dont always go as planned! But that is the general idea, so if you want to know whats going on, Sundays and Wednesdays are good days to check in!

Last week I was in Norway, and I had a great and busy time. No minute wasted! (except the hung over ones…uuugh…) I saw friends, I visited family, I spent full days at the office, I cuddled with Sussi the cat, and involuntary watched alot of football!

Tureby at dusk

I even missed Denmark a little bit!

It was a great week, and I stayed with my brother as he had the house to him self (kids and missus away). It was nice catching up, and thanks to him – watched about 8 football games. As he lives quite far from my office I had to get back to my commute again. It made me realise – I haven’t missed it at all! Trains packed full of grumpy people in the mornings, and no one wants to look at you, talk to you, smile at you, or sit next to you! That’s us Norwegians for you…

Loved being back at the office again, I have missed my fabulous colleagues! We are 6 girls/women/ladies/queens working at Lillelam, and we truly make a super team. One of the highlights of the week was our summer party. It was a great night with lovely food and lovely people. The 6 of us and our better halves met for the first time, and I must say I think it was a match! Thanks to Elisabeth – the host, and Pernille – our generous boss!

In the blink of an eye and a snap of the fingers, the week was over. The trip home on Sunday was exhausting. The previous night we might have had one too many bottles of wine, and because we had to book the cheapest possible flight we had to be up at 6 am. Hurray! My kind brother drove us to the airport, then flight to Copenhagen, then train to Copenhagen central, then train to Køge and then the bus home. At noon I felt like it was midnight, and I was ready for bed.

Monday morning came as quickly as I feared, and I was back in my home office. I’m not sure what happened to Tuesday, but here we are – its Wednesday and tomorrow I am leaving yet again, this time for Paris!!!!


Its a birhtday present for my little sister, and its her, me, my brother and my dad that are going. My sister had two wishes for the trip: drink and get a tattoo!

Lets see if we can grant her wish!


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