New life

I have now lived in Denmark for 3 weeks already!! Wow, weird how quickly you adapt to new places and routines. I do already feel like I have wriggled in to my new life and am pretty comfortable with it. I dont really miss my “old life” yet, I feel like this new life is pretty darn good.

My everyday routine is already quite set.

Every day I am hopefully setting my alarm to ring at 07:30, but end up crawling out of bed about 5 to 8. Well, when it takes you just about 8 seconds to get “to work”, why would you get up any earlier, right??

I put on some comfy clothes, most days some exercise clothes, put the kettle on, the radio on, turn my computer on, make myself a coffee and start the day. I love that first cup of coffee in the morning. Its my favourite! I am no coffee nerd, I just drink the regular ol’ instant coffee with a big slump of milk. Mmmmmm 🙂


Even though I am luckily enough to work very flexible hours, I try to stick with the normal schedule I am use to. Other wise I feel like things might maybe get out of hand..haha. Its easier to just follow the 8-4 routine, and then have the rest of the day off. The last couple of days it has been a little harder to focus as the weather has been soooooo nice. Its hard to sit inside starring out at the bue skies and sunshine. As a Norwegian being used to the unpredictable Norwegian summers, I am constantly afraid that today might be the last day of sunshine this summer!!!!

Everyday I use my 30 minutes lunch break to do something active. And when I just put my exercise clothes on in the morning, it is a lot easier to ‘just do it’. As I am no longer waking to the car, the train nor the office, I sit still a lot more than usual. Therefore I try to put some more activity into each day.I either do 30 mins of Yoga with my fabulous app: Yoga Studio or I do a quick walk around the neighbourhood. After that I make lunch and continue with work.


I try and get 3-4  runs throughout the week.  I’m not in my best shape, and I just want to snap my fingers and be back on top form. Why doesn’t that work?? Do I actually have to do the work? God damn.

At least I have really nice places to run here. The forrest is really amazing, and it has so many different paths you dont get bored of it so quickly. And, yesterday I got my new gadget that I’ve been wanting for a long time!! Wireless headphones!

I hate the bloody wire always getting in the way when I’m running, so this is gonna be sooo goood!!! After reading loads and loads of reviews about wireless headphones I ended up getting a refurbished pair from Ebay.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit

I had another pair before that was absolutely rubbish, so I am so exited to test these babies out on my run tonight!



Back to the whole adapting thing… I’m sort of surprised that I don’t think about missing the house, the office, the life I had before. My head just accepts that this is where I am now, and this is my new home. It doesn’t mean that I don’t miss the people I moved from. Of course I miss being close to my family and friends. But I am sort of used to that, as I lived abroad for two years not so long ago.

With email, texting and phones there is no problem keeping in touch. And, to be honest, Denmark is not very far away! And I have already planned 3 trips home over the next couple of months due to work, so that’s pretty cool 🙂

So, I am still astonished about how quickly you can adapt to new things. The human brain works in mysterious ways!


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