Cosy Køge

The other day I went to Køge. It was a lovely sunny day, and I wanted to have a proper look around the town. I brought the camera with me and took some photos.

Køge is only a short train ride away, and public transport in Denmark is pretty cheap.


It would have been even cheaper if I could manage to get hold of a ‘Rejsekort’ (like the Oyster card in London), but that turned out to be more difficult than I thought. You can easily buy a Rejsekort online – perfect I thought! BUT, you can’t just order and pay with a normal Visa card… oh nooo.. You need the dansih Dankort for that! And to get a Dankort….well, that’s a whole different story. So, surely there must be places to buy this Rejsekort? Well, I would have to go all the way in to Copenhagen for that. So, I ended up paying double price for my ticket. But, that was still pretty cheap, so I didn’t complain 🙂


Just next to the center of Køge there is a green area with a creek running through it.It is really lovely and got lots of trees and flowers everywhere.On the other side of the creek there are private houses, and many of them have their own boats. Wow, posh people in Køge.


The best part of Køge are the cosy cobblestone streets, the cute little shops, and the big square in the middle. The whole “square-thing” reminds me so much of southern Europe. Whenever we were in Spain, France or Italy – the fixed sentence was always:

Lets site in the square and have a ______________!
(fill in suitable: coffee, beer, drink, cake, snog etc)

We always managed to find a cosy square to sit in and enjoy the world passing by.

cobble1cobble2 (2)cobble3

Here are some more snapshots of Køge on a sunny day.



So, after only experiencing Køge a few times, I am really really liking this place. Its just big enough to have everything I need, and small enough to feel safe and familiar. So if someone could just buy us an apartment in the center of Køge, that would make my day!



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